Refer friends and earn cash – plus credits if you’re already a client

Great things are meant to be shared. Help us help your friends, and you earn a referral fee. You don’t have to be a Lanturn client to qualify. But if you are, every successful referral also earns you credits to offset against your own fees.

Everybody wins

Know anybody that could benefit from accounting, tax, incorporation or corporate secretary services powered by technology? Introduce friends to Lanturn and for everybody that becomes a client we’ll give you up to $250 in cash depending on the package they opt for.

In essence, the more they spend, the more you get. For their part, your friends get 1 month FREE. And if you’re already a Lanturn client, for every dollar we give you back in cash, we’ll match it with a dollar in credit that you can spend against Lanturn services including ones you’re paying for already. This is not a ruse to get you to pay for additional services you don’t need!

How it works

Plan type

How your friend wins

How you win

Corporate Secretary1 month free$100 cash & $100 credit
Accounting Primary1 month free$100 cash & $100 credit
Accounting Core1 month free$150 cash & $150 credit
Accounting Premium1 month free$200 cash & $200 credit
Accounting Select1 month free$250 cash & $250 credit


Terms and conditions apply: Only valid for referrals from July 1, 2020. 

Referral fee and credit only valid for recurring plans for minimum of one year.

Referral fee only released after payment by client. Credit will also be issued upon payment by client, to be offset against future invoices

Cashback and credits in Singapore dollars.  

Cashback and credit for referrals to clients for one-off services including tax and work passes is $25-50 

Lanturn reserves the right to amend this offer without notice


Whether I am a Lanturn client or not, do you cap the number of people I can refer?

No, the more you successfully refer, the more rebates you stand to receive. Refer 10 clients and we give you an extra $250.

If I am a Lanturn client, do you cap the amount of credits I can earn if I am already a client?

Nope. Refer 12 clients to us and you can get up to $2,000 in credits. Refer 20 clients to us and you can get up to $5,000 in credits. You get the picture. 

If I am a Lanturn client, do you cap the amount of cash I can receive back?

Nope. The more of your referrals who become our client, the more you get back.
It’s that simple.

How do you know if someone I refer has signed up for Lanturn services?

It’s easy. Introduce us to a client directly by email, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Thereafter, your name will always be linked to their profile, and the minute they become a paying client of Lanturn’s, we will pay you a referral fee and record a credit against your account.

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