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Tech-enabled corporate services at your fingertips

The days of long email threads, lost documents, and literal paper trails are over. Our team of industry veterans uses leading cloud corporate services technology to produce spot-on accounts, to store important documents securely, and to make communication easier than ever. And the best part? Because we use an integrated technology platform, your data sits in the cloud and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Where tradition meets Digital 3.0

We offer services that are fundamental to any business, old or new, big or small, but in an unconventional way. Our approach is powered by Zave, a cloud corporate services platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes us to produce your corporate resolutions, close your accounts and perform other corporate services.

How it works

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  • Compliance

  • Tasks


We love Timeline because it's where we keep all of your key corporate documents, from your accounts and bank statements to your incorporation documents and corporate resolutions.  We upload them to Timeline, and if you want you can share with the click of a mouse button one document or more with shareholders, auditors, directors and other stakeholders. Say goodbye to stray paperwork!

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Compliance dashboard lets us stay on top of all or your tax, accounting and other regulatory deadlines. We can see at-a-glance when deadlines are coming up. You can keep track, too. But if even if you're too busy to look, rest assured that we'll be in touch to make sure you stay on top of all of your regulatory requirements. 

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Tired of lengthy emails from your accountant or corporate secretary? Then you'll like Tasks. Inspired by Toyota's legendary kanban project management methodology, Tasks lets you send, respond and track requests from start to finish. No more scrolling through long emails and spreadsheets, scratching your head, wondering whether your accountant and/or your corporate secretary are on top of things!

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Jonathan Lui

CEO, Soho App

Lanturn does more than just lodging what is required. They’re a partner who’s thinking about what you need to do for your business, and actually giving you advice on what you should be doing next year and the years to follow.

Luciano Tesoriero

Luciano Tesoriero

F45 Training

I hate doing the same things over and over again. With Lanturn, everything is automated and I can allocate a lot of my recurring tasks to the team at Lanturn.