The Lanturn Experience

Leave the heavy lifting of transitioning to the Lanturn team. There are no switch-over fees and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the support you need, and you will be kept frequently up to date at each milestone of the transfer.

Your current corporate secretary experience

Slow response times

Your current corp sec is slow in responding or leaves you hanging in the midst of completing a task

Frequent mistakes

You need to check through any work output from your current corp sec as they are prone to mistakes

Low tech

Most documents are in paper and require your wet signature

Poor communication

Your corp sec does not keep you updated with ACRA regulations or happenings

What happens when you switch to Lanturn

Guaranteed 1 business day response time

Experienced corporate secretary team

Quality work, output and service

In-house tech platform

for consolidated compliance information (ACRA documents & key deadlines) & can access from around the world

Two named company secretaries

To make sure at least one secretary is available at all times.

What our clients say

“I hate doing the same things over and over again. With Lanturn, everything is automated and I can allocate a lot of my recurring tasks to the team at Lanturn.”

– Luciano Tesoriero, F45 Training

How we make it a painless
process to switch over

On signing the engagement letter,

Step 1: Provide a termination letter (provided by Lanturn) to your existing company secretary

Step 2: Accept current corp sec’s resignation letter, and Lanturn will proceed to take over in 14 days

Let Lanturn do the heavy lifting with the steps below:

Step 3: Preparation of documents by Lanturn

  • Directors’ resolution to acknowledge resignation, appointment of Lanturn’s corporate secretary
  • Resolution for new corporate secretary (& nominee director, if applicable) to be appointed
  • Resolution for new registered address (if applicable)

Step 4: Collect all relevant KYC & compliance documents

Step 5: Once KYC is cleared and relevant documents are signed, Lanturn will proceed with ACRA Lodgement and a new BizFile will be provided.

• Agreement to use Lanturn
• Sending termination notice to current Corporate Secretary and Nominee Director
• Signing of documents & provision of relevant compliance KYC documents

What you need to do

Lanturn will then takover as…

• Named Corporate Secertary
• Your registered address
• Nominee non-executive Director (subject to terms of the agreement)
3-5 working days if:
• all necessary KYC documents (directors and shareholders) and signed documents are submitted
• company fulfills the standard due diligence review

How long does it take?


What happens if my FYE is coming up and I want to switch?

You can either decide to complete work with your current Corporate Secretary or engage with us to assist at a separate fee.

What happens if I want to switch but my contract with my current provider has not ended?

You can either wait until the contract with your current provider is up before switching over or switch over before the contract is up. We will need a resignation letter from your current provider before we officially appoint ourselves as your corporate secretaries. Please check with your current provider if there are any penalties for early termination or any outstanding obligations.

Why is a corporate secretary so important to your business?

Every company active in Singapore has to abide by local laws and regulations around tax and compliance. The burden to file and meet deadlines, falls very squarely on your corporate secretary and your directors.

The onus is on your corporate secretary to stay up to date with the latest legislative and regulatory changes enacted by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), the primary regulatory body for corporate secretaries and companies in Singapore. Get things wrong and the Singapore government can hold your company secretary and your directors liable for failing to comply with your regulatory obligations.

If you incorporate a company in Singapore, appointing a company secretary within 6 months is mandatory. Singapore law sees your secretary as one of your company’s key officers, and under Singapore law, they have to be resident in Singapore.

More information here.

How does a digital corporate secretary differ from a traditional corporate secretary?

Our processes are digital but we still have a physical team of experienced corporate secretaries who will do the work for you. Just a glimpse of the convenience you can expect to have with digital processes – signing of AGM/AR documents and resolutions can be done online wherever you are located, all important regulatory documents will be uploaded onto our online platform for easy access (we only keep e-copies).

What if I incorporated the company on ACRA recently, but don’t have an appointed corporate secretary yet and want to engage Lanturn?

Once you have signed our engagement letter and provided all the necessary KYC documents, Lanturn will proceed to appoint ourselves as your corp sec on ACRA. This is a rather straightforward process as no take-over will need to be done.

What are the costs of your Corporate Secretary services?

Our pricing is transparent and fair. Only pay for what you need and experience modern technology paired with exceptional service.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to make the switch. Leave us your info and we’ll reach out to help.