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Lanturn looks after your accounting, compliance, payroll and tax so you can grow your business. We're your guiding light as you evolve, no matter what stage you're at.

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Nobody starts a business to wrestle with annual returns, opening bank accounts, nominee directors and employment passes. That's why we assembled an experienced team of corporate secretaries and accountants, and why we embraced industry-leading technology. This enables us to provide Singapore companies with rapid incorporation, and better corporate secretarial and accounting services for less. So say hello to Lanturn: digital corporate services for today.

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Whether you're a startup looking for your first hire or you're juggling dozens of employees across multiple entities and jurisdictions, Lanturn's team leverages years of experience and industry-leading technology to make sure you're covered.
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We yearned to make starting a company simple. That's why we chose to use industry-leading technology to incorporate new entities in Singapore. And that's how we can be faster, cheaper and better all at the same time.

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Singapore requires all locally registered companies appoint a corporate secretary. How corporate secretaries create and manage sensitive documents is up to them, and ring binders remain popular. At Lanturn, we use a document management platform developed for corporate secretaries, saving you time, money and heartache.  

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